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Marcy Lansman - watercolor on paper

Marie Mohler - ink and colored pencil on paper

Shelly and Breianna Hehenberger - acrylic paint and paper collage

Marni Goldshlag - hand-stitched sheer fabrics

Lois H. Bronstein - ink and watercolor on paper

Peg Bachenheimer - encaustic on wood

Tom Alexander - acrylic on canvas

Miki Adams - pastel on paper

Joanne Andrews - watercolor on paper

Shelly Hehenberger - acrylic and paper collage

Janet Kelo - watercolor on paper

Jean LeCluyse - graphite on paper

Renata McConnell - acrylic on canvas

Luna Lee Ray - mixed media on paper

Beth Craddock Smith - watercolor and paper collage

David Sovero - acrylic on canvas

Marian Wall - pastel on paper

Amanda Zeldin - colored pencil on paper

Beth Burke - mixed media collage

Cindy Kahler - watercolor and paper collage

Jen Betton - watercolor on paper

Juanita Wrenn - acrylic on wood panel

Marty Detwiler - watercolor on paper

Barbara Janeway - colored pencil and watercolor on paper

Linnea Lieth - ink on paper

Dragana Dee Lener- acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Jeffers - photogram print

Chris Graebner - acrylic on canvas

Paul Gala - oil on canvas

Joseph Bounds - oil on fabric